InstaUp APK Old Version Download [Get Unlimited Insta Followers]

In today’s modern age, the first thing you need to do is to use the latest version of InstaUp Apk. And if you are using the Instaup old version then there must be some reason behind it, due to which you are forced to use the InstaUp Apk old version. Also if you are facing any problems in usage then check that you are using the updated version of InstaUp Apk. If not, install the latest version of instaup APK from here and enjoy the amazing features of the latest version of InstaUp.

Each version is sometimes not compatible with your device for which you need to update the corresponding older version. We can benefit and speed up our Instagram journey by using Instaup Apk. This way you will be able to enjoy InstaUp old versions without any hassle as we verify here. Download the latest version of Instaup Apk and all the Instaup old versions are available with details.

InstaUp Apk Latest Version

As we have also provided the latest version of InstaUp Apk V18.1 here, it is better that you know all its features first. InstaUp Apk is basically designed to increase real, active, and free Instagram followers in no time and effort.

InstaUp Apk Old Versions

To make InstaUp Apk stable and long-lasting, it depends on its features. Here, we will discuss in detail both the old version and the latest version of InstaUp. Here, we provide you all old versions of the InstaUp apk. Choose according to your preference and use, after knowing the features of all InstaUp old versions downloaded. InstaUp Apk’s old versions are detailed below.

Following are the InstaUp Old versions:

InstaUp Apk V17.5

This version resembles its old versions in one case, with coins at almost no cost. One extra feature that was added was access to thousands of coins at low rates. One more feature was the enhancement of account security to add a protective layer to your Instagram account. This update also allows users to directly link Instagram accounts on this InstaUp Apk version v17.6 and also receive notifications of likes, comments, and followers.

InstaUp Apk V17.4

The latest InstaUp Apk version v17.4 was launched in December 2022. This version also comes with a lot of improvements. One standout feature that it bears is the addition of free coins which were added to your account upon liking and commenting on the post or following any profile. With these coins, you can order further Instagram followers. 

However, older versions of InstaUp Apk require the purchase of coins at very high prices, after which you are able to buy followers for your account. But the InstaUp Apk V17.4 version provides a solution to it.

InstaUp Apk V17.0

In this version, they basically speed up the process of real, active and free followers. It enables a user to obtain likes, comments, and followers through a single platform called InstaUp Apk V17.0. This version had with amazing user interface. This version also fixes previous version issues and enhances security measures. 

InstaUp Apk V16.0

InstaUp Apk V16.0 is the latest and improved version of InstaUp. In this version, the user interface has been made attractive, which is essential for any user’s better experience. Its visuals and graphics are kept advanced so that it works speedily.

InstaUp Apk V12.9

It would not be wrong to call the InstaUp Apk V12.9 version as the oldest version of Instaup. Great work was done on the user interface, which was very easy to see and quite fast to use. Moreover, it stands out among the older and later versions.

Advantages of InstaUp Apk Old Versions

Often updates are welcoming but sometimes they are confusing and the user experience sometimes gets lost. As everyone knows excess of everything is bad which is why recent updates add many complex features that are the source of frustration for users.

Here, we follow an inverted approach in which we enhance your Instagram experience and make the increasing process of followers easy by using InstaUp Apk Old versions. If you are interested in older versions of InstaUp Apk then we will advise you towards the right path that is why people are still interested. 

Following are the advantages of InstaUp Apk Old Versions:


The older versions of InstaUp were compatible to that time older software and hardware of devices. Similarly, performance issues come when we use updated versions on older devices. It is because of their increased power of processing and space requirements for newer versions.

Simple User Interface

A simple user interface is also a key to success for users to benefit beneficially from InstaUp Apk old versions. In Older versions, the developer keeps the same user interface as it was liked by users. However, in recent updates, the user interface has been so much upgraded that it is beyond beginner and old users to understand. As we know, everyone thinks of simple and fast ways, and those ways are only available in older versions.

Apk Stability

Due to upgradation of older versions to newer ones,  makes older versions more stable and works more efficiently than past. In new updates, mainly fixing of vulnerable material and malware is done. This more likely reduces the chances of the old version crashing.

Mandatory Updates

In InstaUp old versions, the mandatory updates section was not included to attract the attention of the user to the newer one. The reason behind this was that the user is unaware of his system requirements and upgradation often creates issues.

Resources use

While using Instaup’s old version your device uses fewer resources to make other apps’ performance undisturbed. Older versions only use CPU, RAM, and storage space. While Updated versions use many other resources that affect device’s overall performance. Hence, efficient use of resources is only done by InstaUp Apk old versions.

Disadvantages of InstaUp Apk Old versions

As discussed earlier the advantages of this apk. But at the same time, some drawbacks of this apk also were seen while used by users. We are here to aware you of all these.

Lack of Features

As we know old versions have limited features. However, the latest versions of InstaUp Apk contain all the essential tools and amazing features. These features speed up the overall Instagram journey. Hence, the quality of work is only done by optimal features that the older version lacks.

Security Issues

InstaUp Apk old version always faces a problem of security which is the biggest problem for any user. By using older versions of this apk, the chances of attacks on your device’s data and other related dangers increased. Because they lack updated security features.

Low-Quality Customer Service

The customer care service feature was unavailable in older versions of InstaUp Apk. Hence, issues with this app and to your profile remain unsolved. However, the latest version provides a feature of customer service in which any related issue or query to your account will be solved in no time.

Lack of Performance 

 As we wrote earlier in the use of resources it uses fewer resources but still, it has many issues that affect device performance. Hence, results in a slowdown of your device.

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